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The paper industry is considered one of the prominent and most important industrial sectors in the world. This sector comprises various companies that primarily use wood as a raw material to produce pulp in order to manufacture paper- and cellulose-based products.  The global Pulp and Paper market size is on track to reach USD 361391.88 Million with a CAGR of 0.67% by 2028.  

Precise paper cutting in the manufacturing process is a crucial aspect. The process of precise cutting eliminates irregular edges and reduces manual measurement errors. Moreover, precise cutting ensures consistent results. 

Earlier, the traditional process of papermaking was very slow and labour-intensive. With the advent of the Automatic Cutting Machine in the paper industry, the process of cutting paper precisely in distinguished dimensions has become efficient.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the importance of automated paper-cutting machines.

A] What Are Automated Cutting Machines?

An automatic paper cutting machine, which is also known as a cutting plotter or a special computerised cutting machine. It is used for two-dimensional precise cutting of papers.

The machine is ideally used in industrial sectors such as packaging, paper, and printing industries to cut paper precisely and in a distinguished dimension. This sort of paper-cutting machine for crafts is suitable for cutting high stacks of paper in a short span of time.

In the paper industry, the machine is used to cut large stacks of paper. Implementation of the machine will lower the cost and make the manufacturing process more efficient. It will also reduce the labour power and save time. These are the benefits of an automated cutting machine.

There are different types of automated cutting machines, such as laser cutting machines, digital paper cutters, and PVC cutting plotters.

B] How To Use Accucut Machine?

Accucut is a multiple paper-cutting and precision-cutting machine which is highly intuitive and reliable. The machine is known for delivering the desired results. Do you want to know how to use accucut? It is incorporated with a simple program which can be operated by anyone.

The accucut machine uses computer-guided technology that cuts materials precisely, such as paper, plastic, or fabric. The Accucut machine operates by following a predefined digital design to run lasers or sharp blades for the execution of accurate cuts. It will enable efficient production of paper in various industries such as crafting and manufacturing.

It is also used in printing businesses to get accurate results and reduce manual errors. At Precision Cutting Systems Pvt. Ltd., we supply the Accucut machines to meet various industrial requirements.

C] How To Improve The Efficiency Of Accucut?

1. Eliminate Burrs To Speed Up Your Preparation Process

A burr is defined as a raised edge of material which stays attached after the paper gets sectioned. It has to be removed before the sample is analysed. This can make the grinding and polishing process time-consuming in the manufacturing process. 

You can avoid it by clamping the cuts on both sides. When you clamp only a single side, a burr will form after the material separates. This is why clamping both sides will solve the problem. Also, another way to eliminate burrs is to slow down the feed speed. It is recommended that an automatic cutting machine with a controlled feed speed be used.

2. Improve Sample Quality By Avoiding Thermal Damage

Thermal damage is caused because of incorrect sectioning. It leaves a mark of visible discoloration and changes the material’s microstructure. It needs to be removed during the grinding and polishing process, which is time-consuming. Hence, in order to improve sample quality by avoiding thermal damage, the cut-off wheel must be changed.

With the right cut-off wheel, the quality will be improved, and eventually, it will save time and resources. Also, you can avoid thermal damage by going automatic.  High feed speeds will also cause thermal damage. This can be solved with the help of an automatic cut-off machine equipped with an adjustable feed speed.

3. Improve Reproducibility By Avoiding Cracks In Brittle Materials Or Coatings

Cracking is usually caused by brittle or layered samples. If this occurs, the sample has to be cut again, which takes extra time. You can avoid cracks by making necessary adjustments in the cutting technique. Providing extra support will also stop cracking and offer full support during the sectioning process. 

An automatic cutting machine is the most efficient way of avoiding cracks. Feed speed is the major cause of cracking in the sample. It is not easy to get the right in brittle and layered materials using a manual cutting process. Hence, an automatic die-cutting machine for paper crafts is the ultimate solution, which is to use an automatic cutting machine that features an adjustable feed speed.

4. Protect Your Cut-Off Wheel By Avoiding Pinching

Samples of hardened steel will lead to internal stress build-up due to the longitudinal cuts. Due to the worst pinching, the workpiece will deform. It will stress the material, and the sample cut will no longer be representative of the whole.

To avoid these issues and protect your cut-off wheel, you can use the pinch-reduction clamping tools. These tools are compact and easily adjustable. The pinch-reduction tools have the ability to restrict deformations from the cut. It will help to reduce pinching and protect the cut-off wheel.

5. Learn How To Clamp And Cut Irregular Shapes

An irregularly shaped sample piece is very difficult to clamp during the sectioning process. It will slow down the cutting process. In case the workpiece is not held enough, the sample needs to be re-cut. To avoid this, you can use support blocks. The support blocks will help to prevent the sample from overturning.

Another way to avoid irregular shapes is to mount them in resin. Smaller workpieces which are mounted become easier to clamp with standard tools. The most efficient way is to use the custom-made clamping tool for similar workpieces. The custom-made tools will save you time and eventually improve the reproducibility and quality of the sample piece.

6. Don’t Cut The Work Surface

At times, by mistake, we cut the cutting table. You must minimise the chances of cutting the table in order to improve work more productively and efficiently. To avoid this mistake, consider using the lower feed speed. When you use high feed speed, it will result in a mechanical impact that will bend the cut-off wheel and cut down the table. This is why you should go for a slower cutting speed to gain better stability.

Also, you can change to a softer cut-off wheel when you find your present cut-off wheel is very hard for the material. If you do not want to change, you can try a lower RPM.


An automated cutting machine has the ability to minimise the waste in the paper manufacturing process. Moreover, it will reduce manual efforts and errors and save time. Above all, the machine is known for its high-speed performance and its precision. It is an advanced solution that is capable of boosting productivity and efficiency as well as improving cut quality. 

The paper industry has recently undergone major digital transformations by bringing in new technologies. The automated cutting machines will be further improved with cutting-edge specifications to improve efficiency at an advanced level. There will be advancements in power, speed, cutting quality, and environmental sustainability. If you are looking for high-quality automated cutting machines, get in touch with us.

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