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At Precision Cutting System Pvt. Ltd., we bring forth unmatched automation by introducing the revolutionary Accucut paper-cutting technology and program. Accucut is an advanced control program that integrates seamlessly with a range of applications across multiple industry verticals. Our innovative Accucut automation technology aids in automated cutting and operations for precision cutting machines.

Accucut is intuitive & reliable and utilised for multiple paper-cutting and precision-cutting machines. It is highly precise and delivers the desired results. It is also a simple program that can be worked on by anyone, helping printing businesses achieve highly accurate results, thereby minimising manual errors.

Our Comprehensive Paper-cutting Program – Accucut

Since its development in 1991 and till today, the revolutionary Accucut automated paper-cutting technology serves as the perfect embodiment of symphonic development. It is famously referred to as the ‘Patwardhan’s Program.’ It is our precise knowledge of the machines that has made us bring new life into advanced machinery with the help of computerised, automated cutting systems.

Our innovative precision cutting machines and products fit the best of industry expectations in terms of accurate results. It offers an enhanced overview of the parameters while offering operators accurate and complete control of the back gauge. With our groundbreaking Accucut paper-cutting technology, even beginners or amateurs can now handle automated machines effectively.

Currently, we have 4,000+ systems functioning worldwide on hundreds of varied models of guillotines. These systems are backed and supported by our extensive technologically oriented team. Some benefits of our Accucut paper-cutting machine are:

  • Accuracy of around 10 microns
  • Increased production by around 250 percent
  • Ease of installation on any paper-cutting machine
  • Highly reliable with up to 30 years in effective operation
  • Ease of operation
  • A thoroughly embedded system

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