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Variable 1d 2d Code Print Verify

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing also known as variable data label printing is a system that allows you to customise the graphics on your product labels without the need to change the equipment. The required data is compiled into a sheet in an order which helps the press print each variation in a sequence.

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How does variable data printing work?

An advanced variable data printer uses the CRM’s customer prospects to fetch the data from the sheet, which is then used to create tailor-made content for printing. Variable data printing and inspection also ensure the accuracy and quality of prints on labels and cartons.

Types of variable data printing?

  • Written texts such as addresses, names, etc.
  • Numbers like Zip codes, dates etc.
  • Images and visual graphics
  • Colours
  • QR Codes
  • Bar codes
  • Serial number
  • Asset number

The demand for 1d and 2d Code print services has been increasing for quite some time now. As duplication increases, manufacturing companies are trying to find newer & more reliable ways to add security features to their products. As a result, Variable Code printing on the packaging material such as labels & cartons can also help greatly in increasing the overall security of the product itself.

Our 1d and 2d code print and verify service take into consideration that variable Codes are not human readable & as each label / carton should have a unique code only, it is a job that needs to be executed with care & accuracy. The customer provides the Variable QR code printing company with a list of unique 1D barcodes or 2D codes. These codes have to be printed using a TIJ (Thermal Inkjet Printer) on the labels / cartons. Each label / carton should have its own unique code. If any of the labels / cartons does not have a code or gets 2 codes or any code is not readable, the customer may complain.

After the variable data printing for cartons is done, the operator cannot be expected to perform manual inspection as the codes are not human readable & need to be scanned using a dedicated scanner. This is where our inspection system comes in.

Variable Data Printing And Inspection Services PCSPL Offers:

Our camera inspection systems for printing and packaging come equipped with a dedicated high-speed 1D Barcode & 2D Barcode scanner Camera from Baumer and a touchscreen Panel Computer. The system imports a list of unique codes provided by the customer and compares it with the list scanned by the camera, online.

The system also controls the printer, which means, the system makes the printer print all the unique codes & then the camera conducts the variable data printing inspection and 1d & 2d code verification by scanning all the codes, printed by the printer & the system verifies that each label has the correct code.

Our System Ensures The Following:

  1. Has only one unique code
  2. The value of the unique code
  3. The readability of the unique code
  4. The sequence of the printed codes should match the list provided by the customer
  5. If any code is unreadable, the machine will stop & the operator will replace the faulty label & scan the new label with a handheld scanner. This will be logged into the report.
  6. Generate a report of the comparison between the list provided by the customer and the list of the codes printed and scanned by the system. It will also show the codes that were unused.
  7. A detailed operational report comprising of job data, batch data, user data & more.

This system will ensure that each and every label delivered to the customer, will have the correct unique code as expected by the customer.

Additional Features:

Our “Variable Data Print & Verify” System can be run in up to 2 tracks, i.e., using 2 printing heads, our camera system can print on 2 tracks & verify the same. This greatly reduces the production time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of variable data printing?

Variable data printing can be used for multiple purposes such as creating mass customised prints and Variable 1D & 2D Code Print without slowing down the process.

What printing process can print variable data?

Variable data printing is a digital process and can not be accomplished by printing methods such as offset litho and screen printing since these don’t have the capacity to handle such printing tasks.

If you have further questions or inquiries, feel free tocontact us.

What is the minimum/maximum size piece that you can print?

Maximum print size is 12.5mm or half inch.

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