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The printing industry of the modern era has become significantly competitive. To deliver the best quality printing, it is imperative to leverage the technical capabilities of a top-end printing machine powered with state-of-the-art technology. The latest registration mark check for printing machines by AccuView efficiently ensures the delivery of flawless print quality.

AccuView by Precision Cutting Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a piece of world-class equipment that offers a wide array of benefits in the label printing industry. It serves to be an excellent tool for web monitoring during the printing process. The entire technological system features several highly-zoomed cameras that help monitor the registration marks on the web. Multiple stations and a high-resolution camera can also monitor and display the entire web at the machine’s end.

AccuView – The Revolutionary Printing Technology

While using AccuView, the end users have the freedom to select the desired number of cameras as per the requirement. The cameras are developed inside a highly rugged and compact box to minimise the overall space requirement. This ensures that cameras are not disrupting the operations of the users in any manner.

AccuView has been designed by paying attention to the importance of job setting time. The user interface of the device is easy to view and handle. Therefore, it does not take much time to set up the entire unit. The automated system is then capable of working on its own.

AccuView is a dedicated system that commences its operation right after the printing of the first entity. The presence of multiple cameras on different printing stations starts capturing images on the go. The image is highly magnified to ensure that all misregistrations are identified and viewed easily on the large screen.