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Presence Absence Inspection

In production lines, manual inspections can never be trusted. Human errors are bound to occur, especially when the quantity and production rate go up. Making sure that important information such as logos, date/time stamps, etc. are present on products is crucial before dispatching the finished goods. As such, here, having a presence/absence inspection control system can be mightily helpful. The system can help ensure that the product delivered to the customer is error-free. This, in turn, can help improve customer satisfaction and enhance the brand’s credibility.

Our Solution

We provide the latest high-speed camera systems, which have up to 4 cameras. These cameras can work together to inspect at multiple points using various tools such as Part Location, Area Inspection, Contour Comparison, Pattern Matching and more.

We also provide a customised user interface with a capacitive touchscreen, fanless, all-aluminium panel computer that works perfectly in industrial environments. We always aim to provide the best solution while keeping the complexity of the systems low so that anybody and everybody can use them without any hassle.

Use Cases

There are several use cases of this system such as:

  • Logo checking on packaging material
  • Date/time stamp checking on any product
  • Presence/Absence of a certain important part in any product
  • Presence of text on important documents
  • Presence/Absence of product inside the packaging material
  • Presence/Absence of serial numbers printed on labels

This innovative system can be used for several applications. By using this system, you can completely eliminate the need for manual inspection of finished goods. In short, there won’t be any need for manpower, which can help you save a lot of money. What’s more, by choosing this system, you can be assured that moving forward, no products will have any missing information.