Glue Detection System

At high machine speeds and with increasing levels of automation , it is often difficult and sometimes impossible for product quality to be checked at key locations in the production line. This can increase the spoilage and downtime and also be the cause of customer complaints. We provide you with a high speed online glue detection system that scans the glue applied on every single carton on the run, ensuring that any potential problems existing are conveyed to the user.The cartons with over applied or under applied glue are ejected from the system thus ensuring that only quality cartons proceed ahead in the process.

Product Description :

The glue detection system is an online inspection system that checks the level of glue applied on the side pasting flap of cartons. A small sensor, mounted right after the glue tank, checks the glue level on the flap. The sensor accurately senses the glue quantity at different locations throughout the flap. With changeable tolerances for both, less and excess glue level, the required quantity of glue can be applied on the flaps. Whenever the glue quantity is less or more than the set limits, the carton is ejected. This eliminates improper application of glue on the side pasting flaps and assures proper pasting.

Key features :

  • Easy to teach with various glue levels and an operator friendly user interface.
  • Graphical representation and numerical value indication to indicate glue level of each running carton on machine
  • LED and buzzer indicate less glue, proper glue, excess glue level.
  • Carton with less glue or excess glue can be ejected with ejector on machine.
  • For machines not having ejection,machine stop can be provided.
  • Settable tolerance of glue level in running job.
  • Provision of different outputs like
    • Ejector – bad carton (less glue or excess glue)can be ejected
    • Machine stop
    • Buzzer
    • 15 inch touch screen to easily interface operator

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