In today’s competitive market, only those survive who can provide the best quality of printing. AccuView can efficiently ensure flawless print quality.

AccuView is an equipment which offers many advantages in the label printing process. Multiple highly zoomed cameras monitor the registration marks on the web from different stations & a higher resolution camera monitors & displays the entire web at the end of the machine. This makes AccuView a brilliant tool for monitoring the web.

The user is at liberty to select the number of cameras as per need. The cameras are built inside a very compact & rugged box to minimize the space requirement to ensure that the cameras do not disturb the user’s operations in any way.

AccuView is designed keeping in mind how important job setting time is. The user interface is so easy to use that it won’t take more than a minute to set it up for a job. The system just does its own work.

Time, Money saving, Accurate, Reliable & Easy to use:

The AccuView is a system which starts working right after the first mark is printed. Multiple cameras installed on printing stations start capturing images immediately. The image is so highly magnified that even a 0.01mm misregistration can be easily viewed on the big screen by the user. Normally, the operator checks the registration mark at the end of the machine while setting the job, which means increased wastage. Instead, the user can immediately view magnified image of the registration mark of all the stations on the big screen & set the registration accordingly without waiting for the registration mark to reach the end of the machine. This means Paper, Money & Time Saving!

AccuView also lets the user sit back & monitor the job very reliably as the user can view registration marks at different stations & also check the entire web, at the same time! Even the slightest Misregistration can be caught by the operator instantly & with minimal effort.

The technology that makes AccuView stand out:

Compact, ultra zoom, high resolution Cameras:

For monitoring registration mark of each repeat. These cameras can be installed at any & all stations. The camera shows a 5x5mm area (zoomed in to 120x120mm on screen).

Compact Master Camera:
This very high resolution camera shows the entire web so that the user can check for any foreign particles or colour change in the printing.

Wide screen touch monitor:
The user will be monitoring multiple images at the same time. For this, AccuView comes with a large wide screen touch monitor so that the user can spot the most minute details.

Compact Camera Design:
Since space is always restricted, the cameras use special mirrors to minimize space requirement without compromising on the quality of the imaging.

Specially designed Illumination:
Colours are very important. To capture the colours accurately, AccuView comes with specially designed illumination.

Extremely flexible:
Depending on the customer needs, AccuView can be installed with any number of cameras.

Easiest to use:
This system does not need any teaching. It just works. Even an untrained operator can start using it with minimal guidance.