Product Description:

This system is a complete solution for application of self adhesive labels onto folded leafelts. This machine is not only a label application system, but it also comes with a quality assurance system which makes it a complete solution. The labeller unit is very easy to operate & applies labels very accurately & reliably. The Stacker unit makes it very convenient for the users to collect the final product.

Label Application for cartons & leaflets

Key Features:

Transport System

  • Detachable & Movable, multipurpose Feeder & Stacker modules.
  • Rugged design, built to last.
  • A detachable stacker unit to ease the collection process of the leaflets.

Labeller Unit

  • German made labeller with high quality components & a robust design.
  • Designed for 24×7 use.
  • High accuracy & reliability.
  • Automatic adaptation to conveyor speed.
  • IP65 rated for use in heat & humidity.
  • Extremely easy to use & adjust.

QA Inspection System

  • Proven Inspection System with 2 Baumer hhs cameras to inspect each & every leaflet before and after labelling.
  • Multiple tools like 1D code reading including pharma code, 2D code reading and also pattern comparison, to ensure correctness of each product.
  • Lockable ejection bin to collect leaflets ejected by the Dual Camera QA System.
  • Ejection Verification for Double Verification that no Faulty leaflet reaches the delivery.
  • Detailed report generation of each & every job run on the machine with 21CFR Part 11 Compliance.


  • Highest achievable production speed of up to 25,000 leaflets/hour.
  • Maximum width of leaflet up to 120mm.
  • Labelling accuracy withing +- 1mm.
  • Maximum conveyor speed of 30 meter/minute.
  • Label type – Self adhesive labels
  • Label roll diameter of unwinder upto 300mm