System Description:

This system comprises of a Baumer Smart Camera that performs OCR & OCV to inspect numbers printed on the backside of labels. A fork type sensor senses each label & using an encoder, the system triggers the camera for each label. The camera reads each number & the system verifies the number read by the camera (including the print quality). The system display shows each image & the label count. Whenever the camera reads a faulty number (due to misprinting, smudging, ink spotting or blank label), the machine is stopped & the defect image is displayed on screen. The operator can decide whether the number needs to reprinted or not, by looking at the defect image on screen. If the number needs to be reprinted, the system shows which label is defective so that the operator can trace the defective label & reprint the number using a pen or a stamp. Apart from this, the system also detects the gap length & the label length, using which, the system can detect missing labels or overlapping labels. A detailed report of each job is generated. When the required quantity is reached, the system stops the machine.


  • Baumer Smart Camera with OCR & OCV
  • Label Sensor
  • Encoder
  • 10.4” Touchscreen Industrial panel Computer with Intel i5 processor
  • Control Unit

*All components used are of industrial grade

Label Backside Number Printing inspection

Key Features:

  • Verification of correctness of number printing on the backside of each label
  • Checking the print quality of each number
  • Verification of the total quantity of labels (exact quantity)
  • Detection of missing & overlapping labels
  • Detailed report generation of each job
  • Complete Solution with Full Servo Machine, TIJ Printer & Vision Inspection
  • Faulty leaflet is stopped on the inspection table provided with our machine
  • Audit Trail (detailed log of activities performed by the operator on the system)

Report Details:

The report of each job will comprise of the following details

1. Make ready time
2. Start & End time
3. Number of times the machine stopped due to defects
4. Total Count of labels delivered in each job
5. Production Time per job
6. Total number of missing & overlapping labels
7. Name of the job, job number, batch number, etc.
8. QC status of the job

Audit Trai:

This is a very powerful tool. The system automatically logs each activity performed on the system. Whenever a defective label is found, the action taken by the operator (i.e. whether the operator decides that it is actually defective printing or it is a false rejection by the camera), the system will log this action. Apart from this if the operator changes camera settings or parameters, that too is logged in the system. Each button press is logged into the system so each action can be backtracked.