Our Cutting Machine Program : ACCUCUT

Developed in 1991, ‘Accucut’ is a perfect example of symphonic development. It is also popularly known as ‘Patwardhan’s Program’. It was our knowledge of the machines that led us to infuse new life into expensive machinery which was rendered redundant by the advent of computerized cutting systems. This tiny giant injected a new life into these cutting machines enabling the users to compete with the best in the industry. And all this coming at a very small additional cost!. Our product fits on top of any guillotine occupying very little space. It gives a clear view of the parameters and gives the operator accurate control of the back gauge. Even an amateur can operate the program easily

Today we have over 4,000 systems functioning worldwide on hundreds of different models of guillotines backed up with strong and prompt support from PCSPL through our team has a very strong technological orientation . This is due to our stress on proper quality and correct prescription on the final product.We are constantly upgrading our products through continuous R&D. Accucut has been installed on machines manufactured as far back as 1955. Accucut has been installed on a wide range of guillotines – Polar, Seypa, Wohlenberg, Schneider, Itoh, Yoda, L.M.M, SEM-FL to name a few. Accucut has been installed on machines of all makes and those manufactured at different times.

Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Program

We can proudly state that the leading guillotine manufacturers in India like hmt (Kerala), lndia Engineering, Record machinery (Kolkata), Nanak Nam, Indian machinery, Sujata (Amritsar), Acme (Mumbai) and many more trust Accucut for optimum output from their machines.

Benefits :

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Can be installed on any paper cutting machine
  • Increase production up to 250%
  • Accuracy up to 10 micron
  • More than 10,000 systems sold worldwide
  • Very reliable, 30 years proven system
  • Extremely basic & easy to operate
  • No maintenance needed
  • 100 programs memory with 100 cuts in each program
  • Completely embedded system
  • We provide support to even 20 year old programs