Ultra high speed label barcode inspection with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance:

  • Performs barcode scanning on each and every self adhesive label in web form.
  • Detects faulty barcode & stops the machine.
  • Detects missing labels in the roll.
  • Detects overlapping labels in the roll.
  • Speeds of up to 3,500 scans per minute
  • Baumer Verisens Smart Camera
  • Reads all types of 1D & 2D barcodes
  • Label barcode inspection for Pharmaceutical companies
  • Detailed reports & other documents as per 21 CFT part 11
  • Completely embedded system capable of working 24×7

Transparent Dosing strip (plastic with blank print) detection in special cartons for pharmaceutical companies:

  • Camera based inspection of dosing strip placed inside a paper carton, visible through a small window patch (on carton pasting machines)
  • Barcode reading on leaflets placed behind the dosing strip
  • Online ejection of faulty cartons (missing dosing strip or faulty barcode) by tracking the cartons till the mechanical ejector
  • Detailed reports for all jobs

Dot glue detection on paper cartons:

  • Presence detection of 2 to 4 dots of glue on carton used to stick paper leaflets on the inner side of the carton
  • Rejection of cartons with missing glue dots
  • Detailed report of each job

Ink Splash detection:

Offline carton print & verify system:

  • Compact stainless steel conveyor with carton feeder
  • Specialised design with top guides for accurate printing
  • TIJ printer to print variable data including numbers, 1D codes & 2D codes
  • Verification of printed variable data using Baumer Camera
  • Ejection of cartons with wrong printing online
  • Detailed Reports