We provide encoders from Baumer. These encoders are highly reliable, accurate & durable. These encoders give precise position & speed feedback even in harsh environments.

Reasons to choose Baumer Encoders-

  • Compact in size
  • Robust and modular design
  • From 24 mm design on to 85 mm hollow shaft diameter
  • Precise optical or robust magnetic sensing
  • All common installation options, HTL, TTL and Sin/Cos output signals


  • For every encoder application the perfect match
  • Optical encoder with high-grade signals for maximum control quality and productivity in the application Magnetic encoder for maximum robustness and durability
  • Wide product selection
  • Solid shaft with clamping flange, synchro flange, square flange, EURO flange B10, blind or through hollow shaft, all relevant output signals and pulse numbers, programmable variants
  • Maximum reliability and longevity prevent machine failure and downtime
  • Solid, torsion-resistant and thick-walled housing, generously sized quality ball bearings
  • Robust and durable even under extreme conditions
  • The ShaftLock bearing design with stop-collar flange prevents the shaft from penetrating inside when being exposed to high load in installation or operation.
  • Flexibility and cost efficiency
  • Modular building block system, attractive price-performance ratio, quick availability, optimally harmonized and tested accessories, customer-specific variants on request

Nemicon encoders

  • We also provide various accessories and peripherals used in Industrial Automation. We provide Rotary Encoders from “Nemicon, Japan”. These encoders provide unmatched performance and are very reliable having a long lasting life. We have them in the following designations of pulses per revolution (ppr) :
    • 100 , 150 , 250 , 500 , 1000 , 1500 , 2000 , 2500

Switch Mode Power Supply ( smps)

  • Regulated Power supplies for different electronic automation boards. We have them in
    • 5V , 12V and 24 V.
    • These parts are also used with ACCUCUT and ACCUCUT Touch to provide length information to the device.