How Programmable Paper Cutting Machine Transform the Paper Industry

Paper has been playing important role in human civilization. It has tremendously revised the path industry has taken in last many decades. Paper with number of uses has catered the different needs it may be of marketing, documentation, designing, making artifacts and many more and such needs has escalating paper demand each day.
Paper cutting machine from guillotines – Polar, Seypa, Wohlenberg, Schneider, Itoh, Yoda, L.M.M, SEM-FL to name a few have been strength of paper industry to meet the demand of the market. Earlier the quality of the job was completely depend on the skill of labor/operator which many times resulted in wastage of material, time and increase cost of production.
Technology further developed resulting in automated machine which eliminated the errors and defects form the job and increasing the output thus resulting in low cost production. These machine were although came with heavy price tag which were barrier for the upgrading form old machine to new modern machines. To overcome the upgrading expenses and to achieve high productivity with safety and accuracy cutting machine program are most effective. It address the issue by maximum productivity at low cost, by reducing rejection, operation time, labor cost of critical, small, medium and large jobs and also eliminate power and space expenses.

Cutting Machine Program


Since 1991, ‘Accucut’ is a perfect example of cutting machine program development. It is also popularly known as ‘Patwardhan’s Program’. With Accucut it has become possible to instill new life into expensive machinery which was rendered redundant by the arrival of computerized cutting systems. This cutting machine program software provided solution to machine owner for competing with the best in the industry with no need of investment in new machine.

Accucut Touch and Accuctu Touch EMC are more advance version of Accucut.

Accucut combine state of art features such as

  1. Operating Ease
    1. The system automatically pushes the pile of papers enabling the operator to pick the paper stacks effortlessly.
  2. A/C Free Operations
    1. Accucut’s sturdiness and ruggedness makes it immune to climatic variances for working 24X7 and 365 days without need of air-conditioning.
  3. Built-in Stabilizer
    1. Power cuts have always been a stumbling block in the path for optimum performance. Our built-in stabilizers make operations trouble free.
  4. Amazingly High Productivity
    1. This feature rich product has the capacity to upgrade production by an amazing 250%. This has been proven over the span of 20 years.
  5. Maintenance
    1. Our systems are virtually trouble free and in any case solutions are just a phone call away.
  6. Optional Features
    1. Wired/Wireless connectivity with a remote computer
    2. On line, real time data transfer with secured login features. This helps for MIS analysis
    3. Facility to read, set, edit programs from the remote computer
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