Dual camera print verification system

Dual Camera Print Verification System :

Very efficiently designed system that contains two cameras from Topsenso, Germany. This system is used for the verification of the correctness of Pharma Leaflets. The cameras are installed on a leaflet folding machine. One camera verifies the upper surface while the other checks the lower surface of the leaflet.

The camera is smart enough to read and verify the following:

  • Print presence.
  • A particular pattern / sequence of characters.
  • Pharmacode – with verification of its value.
  • 1 D Barcode – with verification of its value.
  • 2 D Barcode – with verification of its value.

System Description:-

A large 15” display with touch screen. This facilitates the user to set the parameters of the job and the cameras and also view the image taken by the camera.

The cameras are mounted on the machine in such a way that the horizontal movement of the cameras is very easy and the vertical adjustment of cameras or sensors is not required.

Dual Camera: Salient Features

  • Specially designed to suit all the requirements of a document folding machine.
  • Provides confirmation of important activities like line clearance, removal of make ready sheets, quality check etc.
  • Provides a complete report of the job with all features mentioned above.
  • Embedded technology with smart cameras.
  • Does not involve any ‘computer system’ and heavy operating system. Works on windows compact Embedded (CE).
  • Connectivity with the plant server through Ethernet. It can accept the jobs directly from the server and also send reports.
  • Can view an enlarged image of the document in “Full screen” mode.

Action against defect:

The systems generate a “Machine stop” signal against any defective leaflet passing through any of the two cameras. The operator must acknowledge the error and remove the defective sheet. The defect image is displayed on the screen.


In case the machine is equipped with “Ejection” mechanism, the “Dual cam” is capable of ejecting the defective sheet without disturbing the machine running.

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