Accucut Touch11We constantly upgrade our products through continuous R&D which has helped us come up with “Accucut TOUCH”. This state of the art cutting machine program sports a graphic display and a touch screen with options of Indian languages.

The graphical representation of various indicators like clamp down, knife down, foot paddle pressed, clamp plate mounted, push out in action, time delay between knife & clamp on, air bed on/off, auto cut active, light barrier interrupted, live position of back gauge, makes the display more live and informative.

Further enhancing operations are additional functions like knife stroke counter and program cycle counter, data storage of important information like:

  • Date of machine installation
  • Total knife strokes in machine life
  • Date of knife change
  • Number of hours of operations.

Accucut Touch is now empowered to convey the messages even in Indian languages. This would help a new operator to use Accucut Touch more efficiently and without anybody’s help.

Accucut Touch also supports advanced programming functions for quick and convenient programming of:
# Four side trim
# Two pieces of a large sheet
# Four pieces of a large sheet
# Single cut and Multi-cut labels

Also available are additional outputs for knife delay, no knife (i.e. only pressure clamp), auto cut, etc. What’s more, it can also be coupled with different motors like servo motors, AC two speed motors with brake, AC single speed motors with inverter drive and DC motors with DC drive and brake. This saves a lot of time of the operator and makes his task easy.

Our products handle challenges faced in any growing economy like:

  • Lack of stable continuous power flow
  • Hot humid conditions of the workplace
  • Lack of additional space in the unit
  • Operating ease

Operating Ease

The system automatically pushes the pile of papers enabling the operator to pick the paper stacks effortlessly.

A/C Free Operations

Accucut’s sturdiness and ruggedness makes it immune to climatic variances for working 24X7 and 365 days without need of air-conditioning.

Built-in Stabilizer

Power cuts have always been a stumbling block in the path for optimum performance. Our built-in stabilizers make operations trouble free.

Amazingly High Productivity

This feature rich product has the capacity to upgrade production by an amazing 250%. This has been proven over the span of 20 years.


Our systems are virtually trouble free and in any case solutions are just a phone call away.

Optional Features

  • Wired/Wireless connectivity with a remote computer
  • On line, real time data transfer with secured login features. This helps for MIS analysis
  • Facility to read, set, edit programs from the remote computer
Accucut TOUCH is a state of the art cutting machine program sports a graphic display and a touch screen with options of Indian languages.
Manufactured by: Precision Cutting Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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