Precision Cutting Systems Pvt Ltd has been operating since 1991; we are the largest suppliers of cutting machines with over 4,000 systems supplied across the globe. We have supplied programs to Dubai, Kenya, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and all over India. We can also boast of supplying cutting machine programs to all cutting machine manufacturers across India.

Our Cutting machine programs meet the requirements of your machine and its functions. To take it a step further, we have developed 2 trademark cutting machine programs: Accucut and Accucut-Touch to suit even the remotest needs of a cutting machine. Our programs ensure complete efficiency in the functioning and output of the machines. Our programs are cost-effective and our experienced fleet of engineers provide online technical support.

For those of you who own Polar EMC cutting machines, there is a chance that they might sometimes undergo electronic breakdown and/or program failure resulting in heavy expenses. The additional time and money that goes into getting a technician to the site for the repairs that the EMC needs is something that now you can finally avoid. And it is all thanks to our automated solution to restore your faulty EMC without the need for a technician or any extra costs for repairs.

We have devised an alternate card to replace AR and IAR and also a new digital program with graphic display and touch screen.

To sum up, we are offering you an exclusive and new solution for your machine that can self-repair your EMC without any technical or expert help.

Apart from this, we would also be interested in buying used printing machines from you.

Accucut the Cutting Machine Program, Developed in 1991, popularly known as ‘Patwardhan’s Program’ was our knowledge of the machines that led us to infuse new life into expensive machinery which was rendered redundant by the advent of computerized cutting systems.
Manufactured by: Precision Cutting Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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