Solution FocusPrecision is best known for providing reliable solutions for various needs and applications.

We come with a strong technical background and a thorough knowledge of the functioning of Printing and allied machines. We also have a strong grip over various advancements in Technology.

Over the years, Precision has provided solutions to various requirements like:

1. Offline Registration Control on a reel fed machine. Generally, on a reel fed printing machine, be it an Offset, Flexo or a Gravure, it is not recommended to run a pre-printed roll where it is essential to match the register of old impression with the new impression. Precision provides a simple device to achieve this! With this equipment, the user can print a roll on a web machine and re-run the same roll for over printing OR customized marking OR any such application.

2. Registration Sheeting: A dedicated controller along with a simple to use ‘User Interface’ that controls the ‘Cutter Motor’ and the ‘Infeed motor’ of a ‘Rotary sheeter’ maintaining the cutting position accurately in conjunction with the registration mark.

3. Hologram Foil control: ‘Hologram’ is looked upon as one of the most trusted and reliable security feature for various commodities like tickets, certificates, legal documents, high value products and also packaging. In order to add security in Hologram Stamping, ‘Registered Image Holograms’ are used instead of Wallpaper design Holograms. This is a fairly critical application. Precision offers a controller along with a user interface to control this Hologram foil, marked with the Registration mark.

Solution Focus: Precision Cutting Systems Pvt. Ltd is best known for providing reliable solutions for various needs and applications.
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